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Farming & Animal Health Products


Deterstorm NF is a very powerful cleaner that can be used on many surface areas and equipment, thanks to its high-quality foam and the efficiency of its surfactants. 

High quality, long-lasting foam

Strong stripping power

Saves time and water on stripping operations

Efficiency maintained in all types of water

Usable in organic farming according to RCE 834/2007

BioPH water acidifier

Reducing the pH of the drinking water to 3.7 slows the digestive system of the animal allowing it time to extract more nutrients from the feed. Added benefits are reduced ammonia in the house and a reduction in litter as a result of the drier droppings. Independent trials on over 1 million broilers showed an improvement in Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) of up to 0.07 and up to 95% reduction in additional bedding.

Bio-pH is a blend of organic acids formulated for high activity in hard water areas. This acidifier is one of the very few acid blends in New Zealand that works effectively in hard water. This is important in several key pork and chicken production areas of New Zealand.


New Zealand & Australia’s first-ever natural solution for red mite control

Alphamites DW  is a natural feed supplement that has been formulated to support laying hens during stressful situations such as parasite infestations, disease outbreaks, etc. It has been used extensively by poultry farmers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world to help minimise the impact of these stresses, most commonly in flocks suffering from Red Mite infestation.

It works by making the blood indigestible to the mites, thereby depriving them of their feed. This turns the layer itself into a living, breathing red mite repellent.


Alphamites DW is made from plant extracts and is non-toxic to chickens, the user, and the environment.

Nor-Mite Liquid

NOR-MITE (Liquid)

A natural, effective alternative to chemical insect control

Nor-Mite is a mineral feed composed of plant extracts such as Eugenia caryophyllus (clove) and Cymbopogon nardus (lemongrass). Nor-Mite has repellent properties against some arthropods such as Dermanyssus gallinae, and flies.

When Nor-Mite liquid added to the water, it helps to manage the growth of populations of red mites. Nor-Mite repellent components are spread by the animal (via its droppings) to repel the red mites. Repelled from the chickens’ blood, their only source of food, the red mites cannot reproduce at their usual rhythm and their population decreases drastically.

It is really easy to apply Nor-Mite liquid through drinking water​ and it offers a high level of strategic control over your pest management.

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