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Bio-pH Hard Water Acidifier


A stronger acidifier for pH reduction

Bio-pH is a stronger blend of organic acids formulated for water pH reduction.

This acidifier is the first in Farmex’s range of acid products for Pigs and Poultry. It is a high-quality, concentrated product; for efficient and cost-effective acidification.

Bio-PH can be added to the water at a lower rate than other acid blends on the New Zealand market.

In many cases, a ratio of 1:3000 is enough to reach a pH of less than 4.

Why acidifier?

Reducing the pH of the drinking water to 3.7 slows the digestion process 

and allows more feed nutrients to be absorbed. Added benefits are reduced

ammonia in the house and a reduction in litter as a result of the drier droppings.

Independent trials on over 1 million broilers showed an improvement in Feed

Conversion Rate (FCR) of up to 0.07 and up to 95% reduction in additional bedding.

Most of the pathogenic bacteria are Gram-negative and that's why they are sensitive to

acidic ambient.
Applying acidifiers to the drinking water will have bacteriostatic effects. Chicken drinks twice the quantity it eats, the acidic drinking water with fewer pathogens can benefit the production rate.

Poultry water acidifier

Why should you use Bio-pH acidifier?

  • Extremely effective acidifier for pH reduction

  • Efficient at reducing water pH to less than 4

  • Very concentrated - Allows lower-cost acidification

  • Low addition rate - Can be added at rates as low as 1:3000

  • Lower wear-and-tear on dosing equipment due to low addition rate

  • Removes and dissolves biofilms without clogging drinkers

  • Controls limescale build-up in water lines

  • Works effectively in hard water

  • Very effective acidifier for pH reduction

  • Super concentrated which means more active ingredient in a bucket so lower shipping & handling cost 

  • Low dosage- 1:3000 (very low rate) so no need for special applying equipment

  • Effective on removing and dissolving biofilms so prevents drinkers from clogging 

  • Reduces limescale build-up in the water lines

  • Works perfectly in hard water

How to use Bio-pH acidifier?

Adjust the dilution to achieve a pH of between 3.7 and 4, administer through an acid-resistant proportioner.

Suitable for:

Poultry, Pigs & Gamebirds.

Poultry water acidifier


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