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New Zealand & Australia’s first-ever natural solution for red mite control


Alphamites DW is taking the poultry world by storm as an organic feed supplement providing chickens and all poultry with its immune-boosting and antioxidant properties. However, the most exciting side effect of this feed supplement is the European based findings which show it to be an effective product for treating and controlling red mite outbreaks, by changing the digestible characteristics of poultry blood, after the first full treatment period.

Manufactured by Alphatech SAS in France, it has been used extensively for well over 15 years and is highly regarded in Europe. Alphamite DW is a registered certified organic product in Europe. Using certified organic ingredients of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and a blend of herbal extracts, it is increasingly used and applauded by organic free-range/pasture-raised egg farms to solve persistent red mite issues that are hard to resolve in such open environments. 

What are the red mite's impacts on poultry?

  • Increased stress, nervousness, pecking

  • Agitation of the hens which may lead to serious consequences such as loss of production, anemia and cannibalism

  • Weakened immune system

  • Reduced laying performance

  • Spotted eggs, reduction in egg size

  • Increased mortality

  • Skin irritation for farmworkers

Dermanyssus Gallinae or Red mites are the primary mites threatening poultry houses in Europe. These pests can increase rates of anemia, mortality and disease susceptibility while eroding productivity parameters like feed efficiency, egg production, egg quality and weight gain.

Aside from the egg, poultry red mites have four life-cycle stages: larvae, protonymph, deutonymph and adult.

Larvae hatch with six legs and do not feed but after the first moult, both nymphal stages and adults have eight legs. Protonymphs, deutonymphs and adult females routinely feed on host blood, but males only occasionally feed.

Once on a host, mites feed for short periods of up to an hour, doing so every two to four days and typically during periods of darkness. Complete development of D. gallinae, from egg to adult through one larval stage and two nymphal stages, typically occurs over two weeks.

chicken redmite problem


Before being marketed, ALPHAMITES DW has been tested and approved on 480,000 layers in 12 separate premises with comparable results.

Alphamites DW Anti Red Mites


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