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About Farmex Aimal Health


Farmex is a newly established company with the aim of providing high-quality Veterinary, Animal Health, Feed and Water supplements and additives to New Zealand farms.

Our mission is to deliver best-in-class products, in order to maintain the health and welfare of your animals.

Our aim is to source mostly non-chemical veterinary products from reliable global companies and we specialise in offering organic solutions to your farms.

At Farmex, we appreciate your needs as a farmer and are ready to offer a variety of products to make your animals healthy.



Nor-Feed was established in France in 2003, in the heart of Anjou, the medicinal plant production area. Nor-Feed concept was born with the vision that Synthetic growth promoters used in animal nutrition would be questioned in the future and efficient alternatives should be offered to breeders and nutritionists. Today, the group gathers more than 30 collaborators and Nor-Feed products are sold in approximately 30 countries in the world. 

ALPHATECH is specialized in the production of complementary feed supplements and hygiene products for breeders. ALPHATECH has been created in 2000 and is independent. They are located in Brittany and their team has more than 15 years of experience in animal nutrition. The heart of their activity is to develop innovative solutions at the best possible quality-price ratio. They export their products in 50 countries and more than 65% of their annual turnover is realized directly or indirectly at export.

Le Gouessant was founded in 1964. Cut to 52 years later and it has established itself as a major player in the Breton agricultural world, with 4,000 members and 720 employees. As a dedicated specialist, Le Gouessant focuses all its energies on its core activity: animal nutrition. Their offers are the fruit of many years of direct experience in the field across one of the most dynamic regions in Europe for animal production

The AVEVE Group is the market leader in agricultural and horticultural supplies in Belgium. It also operates the largest garden centre chain in the country. AVEVE is among the 100 major companies in Belgium. The AVEVE Group employs 1,700 people who realize an annual turnover of about € 1,2 billion. This turnover puts the AVEVE Group among the top 100 Belgian companies. AVEVE itself operates 50companies in Belgium and abroad. 

Biolink Limited was formed in 2007 to sell agricultural disinfectants and cleaners into the agricultural industry. The business expanded on the back of innovative new products backed up by on-farm service and advice. Early in 2011, the company purchased a manufacturing business in Northamptonshire to enable total quality control. This has supported expansion and provision of toll manufacturing services together with product formulation services to other businesses.

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